Promoting Inclusive Society
Discover more about inclusion in your local community, european values and how you can support and benefit.
Inclusive society projects aim to challenge your preconceived notions of identity in order to make room for a more authentic, wholesome and empathetic living alongside other people.
Watch how participants in this project interview locals about social inclusion and European values. Find what they answered here.
Promoting Inclusive Society FreeMindsInAction
Young Adults from all over the world met in Agrigento to learn from each other and share their experiences for a better future.
How Erasmus+ wants to solve social problems and how we promote in Agrigento inclusion and diversity.
These Erasmus programs view learning as a means to increase the quality of life of individuals that have been dealt a bad hand and help them find their place in society and fulfill their dreams.
Erasmus + seeks to promote equality of opportunity, inclusion, and diversity for a better world by increasing the chances that people have in life through various activities.
One of the main aims is to raise awareness of the need to collaborate and cohabitate with individuals that have different backgrounds, stories, views, cultures, and histories.

Actions that promote inclusion
How you can be a part of the integration movement
Participate in Erasmus+
Participating in an Erasmus project focused on inclusiveness, equal opportunity, and a better social environment is a great step towards a kinder, better world.
Volunteer in your local community
See where there is a need for help and how you can meet it. You have unique skills, abilities, and life experiences that can add value to every attempt at inclusion in your community. Even if listening to someone else's story is all you can do, this is a great start.
Know yourself better
There have been moments when you were excluded and also others when you excluded people. What internal factors led you to that and how you can take control of them so you can become a better person? Also, how do you feel about the people that have excluded you: Do you think they had a personal aim against you or they were led in their actions by deep-rooted prejudices from culture and society?
Useful links
Some information that can help you to be a member of Erasmus + family
How we implement ”Inclusion” in our project
Testimonials from our participants

I'm happy to come here and find so nice people. I thought I wasn't going to learn anything new but these people were able to give me points of view I thought I would never thinking about. Happy to meet you guys.
Rafa García
Dental tehnician in Spain
In this project, I learned a lot of things about inclusion in society. I was talking with people from different countries and today I have diverse ideas. Erasmus project is a big opportunity for different people. I applied, you can do the same.
Sujeidi Belbere
Reporter from Dominican Republic
This program is so wonderful, I met so many amazing people, so many stories to tell, and I have so much, to learn from everyone. In Agrigento, the people here are so welcoming and generous, and there are really helpful: like, there is a language barrier, but it's easy to get over that because they are so friendly and open-minded.
Lucia Bartle
Ocazional spamer from Slovenia
This is one magical meeting of cultures, lives, and people...I didn't expect it to be so emotional, because of similarities of people that live, like, thousands of kilometers away from you and (all the) while we are all in this like brothers and was like a specific moment in my life. I know this because I've met people that will change me and I will never forget them.
Emanuele Carlino
Actor from Italy
Participate in one of the projects aimed at inclusion and have fun while contributing
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